explainer video

Product explainer videos are amongst the best option that you can opt for when you are looking to promote your product. Explainer videos can be helpful and also ensure that your audience remains engaged enough to end up following the call to action at the end and buying your product. The social platforms also have given ground for these explainer videos to take roots and grow. The animated explainer videos are an interesting way to market your products.

Some of the tips that you can utilize to make sure that your product explainer video is the best are:

  • The explainer video should be very short and simple. It should be within 60-90 seconds time frame so that it does not get long and boring.
  • Instead of going around and round the product or the theme of the story of your explainer video, you should utilize those few seconds effectively and get to the point immediately.
  • The explainer video should explain the problem that it is addressing. There are many viewers who will not be able to comprehend the full usability of the products and hence the creators need to create a video that clearly defines the problem that is being addressed by the product that the company is launching.
  • You should be highlighting the reason why your product is the one that should be purchased by the consumers. Marking out and clearly telling the USP of your product is a sure winner.
  • After glorifying your product, you should also relate the benefits that the consumers can enjoy when using your products. This will help in convincing them about why they should be buying your product.
  • Whenever you are creating an animated explainer video for your product do not forget to include why to date other products have failed to address the issue and what your product has to offer that can address the issue. This will help in subliminal convincing of the consumers.
  • You should have a proper plan laid out when you are creating your explainer video. This way there will no points and things to consider that you would be leaving out.
  • You should have a properly written out and exquisitely planned script.
  • The tone of the message that you have included your explainer video should be the kind of product that you are selling and what is your brand image.