Tips for an amazing Explainer videos!

explainer video

Explainer videos are small videos created to convey the message to the client or the general masses. The main purpose of creating the explainer video is to convey the message in the friendliest way and at the same time make sure that the desired message has been conveyed. Product explainer videos are preferably created in active forms so that the potential customers can be rightly engaged. The explainer video when uploaded on social media or the website is the first interaction that people have with your product. So, all your focus should be making an awesome impact in those 60-90 seconds and convince them enough to make sure that the customer is interested enough to buy your product.

Some of the tips below can help you make the perfect explainer videos are:

  • You should deliberate upon the script. The script should be well thought out, and the meaning that, is looking to be conveyed is conveyed in the most appropriate manner. When you deliberate upon the script, you tend to create a perfect and precise masterpiece, and this helps you nail audience engagement.
  • The video’s possible maximum length is supposed to be 60-90 sec. But it is way much better if you can keep it more precise. The more precise the video is the much better it is.
  • The video should not be some elaborate affair. It should be simply and creatively worded with no complex stories. The simplest format that could be followed is, problem that the product is addressing, the solution that is being offered by the product, how does the product work in helping solve the issue and a call to action to buy the product.
  • You should be discussing the benefits that is offered by the product. The features can be simply listed with the product. There is no need to waste time in listing the features of the product.
  • The voice being used as a voice over in the explainer video should be professional with eloquent and proper delivery of words.
  • The storyboard of the explainer video should be very clear, but it should be able to resonate with the viewers. A too complicated idea is going to be of no help.
  • Using a background score that is catchy is also a good idea.
  • The visuals used should be clear and of relevance. There is no point in bombarding the short explainer video with a huge amount of images all at once!