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The Secret Ingredient behind a Successful Explainer Video is The Script

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Explainer videos can be the best tool you ever used to promote a product and the most difficult project you ever started, all at the same time. No matter who you ask and where you look, one of the most important tips than anyone will give you is to really focus on the script of the video before you start doing anything else and there is a reason for this. The script will give you a very clear guideline on where you want the video to go and how you want it to flow and it will also allow you to really look at your business or product beforehand so you know exactly what you want to feature in the video. In this article we will give some great tips on how to write a script that will make your explainer video professional and effective.

Make it fun

A lot of people confuse making a fun video with something that is childish and unprofessional, but that is definitely now the case. When it comes to creating an explainer video even the most serious and corporate brand can absolutely loosen up a bit and create something that has a fun and interesting feel about it. Telling it like it is doesn’t really work with these videos because that won’t help you grab the attention of the viewers so you need to make sure that you write a script that will be fun and engaging and change things like facts lined up on a screen with fun and colorful graphs that will help illustrate your point and so on. The point that you are making will be exactly the same, the only difference is that you will be showing it in a different way that is more likely to appeal to customers, especially new customers.




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Focus on your target audience

A mistake that a lot of people tend to make is that they try to create explainer videos for a wide variety of people, hoping that the video will go viral. The sad truth is that no one can ever really predict what will go viral, and since most videos end up getting lost in the pile, the best thing that you can do is simply talk to the people that are a part of your niche. This means that when you are writing the script you should focus on the specific problems that you know the people in your niche face and give them an idea of exactly how your product will benefit them and make their life easier. Another mistake that people make is they use too much technical talk, so instead try and use a language that most people will understand and feel comfortable with so that even if someone that is not from your niche watches the video, they will still have a pretty good idea of what you’re talking about.

Choose a few key points you want to accentuate and stick to them

It is a very understandable thing that business owners are proud of their businesses and their products, but the problem with this is that when writing the script the want to put in as much information as possible, and most of the time that simply doesn’t work. The point of these videos is that they should be kept somewhere between 60 and 90 seconds and doesn’t leave much room for every single thing that you want to mention. Instead, as we already mentioned, you should use the opportunity to take a good look at your business or product and choose a few key points that you think are the most important ones and write your script around those points. This will help you keep the video in the right length and also have it look organized and clean.

Creating explainer videos is not all stress and wasting time and the whole process can be very interesting if you simply take the time to organize yourself and writing a script is the best way to do that. Focus on the best features of your business and the product that you are promoting and put them in the spotlight and we guarantee that will help make your video super effective.

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